(b. 1985, USA) I'm me. I'm an attorney by profession, and I've always been attracted to telling stories, whether through words, or pictures. Sometimes I write or paint. Sometimes I do nothing and just think. What matters most to me is me being me, as an attorney, as an author; me pushing myself. I think the whole law thing attracted me because it combines many of these things: thinking; writing; persuasion; conveying an idea; simply storytelling. I have no formal training in photography, though. One more thing: I think everything for me comes down to the concept of creating something; that feeling I get when I know I have an end result, that I made or bettered something or someone. Authorship. Purpose. When I understand more. Someone. When I believe with my entire being in this something or someone. So much of life can be so formal and focused on perfection. So photography is just amazing to me; it's cathartic for me. It's not static; it enables new experiences and relationships; it's freedom to bend the rules. For me, it is not about photojournalism, documentary work, or art, as a title or thing to be claimed or possessed; rather, it is about authenticity and truth. Meeting you where you are. I'm available for assignments worldwide. Well, it depends, I guess. Somehow this all combines together; maybe it's the challenge of balancing and interweaving formal thinking, and creating. Or maybe it's akin to what the Jazz musician Charlie Mingus described as the "unrelenting need to express [my]self as fully as possible at any given moment." I can't imagine striving to be anything else.


Stay tuned.