Ryan (b. 1985, USA) is a freelance photographer living and working on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where he continues to hone his photographic voice, authorship, authenticity. He also writes and paints (a true “Cape Codder!”). In 2018, he published a limited print run of his first photography book, Body/Sol, a work where he developed a narrative having more of a consistency of mood, or feeling, than a theme or precise topic. He focuses much of his work on man and his relationship to nature or an outdoor environment (coastal areas, in particular); he is very curious about the concept of people living and working amidst an ever disconnected and complex world, and wishes to explore the various geographic and cultural responses, as his upcoming book First Light: Cape Cod Oystermen hints at (TBA in 2019). In First Light, Ryan uses the oystermen of Cape Cod, and Cape Cod’s light, as a geographic metaphor to explore man at work in, and living in, nature, and what this dynamic might be able to teach us. He welcomes individual or gallery inquiries regarding large format or custom prints.


Stay tuned.