Body / Sol

I'm interested in feeling. Thinking. Both. No rhyme or reason here. The narrative is loose, open. An extension of myself. A piece of myself, to be certain. A thing birthed. The thread that holds this book together, if at all, is a piece from within me that felt a moment and infinity all at once. Intensity of finite and infinite existence captured in a physical thing. For me, it is like breathing; it is breathing. . . . Body & Soul.

In 2017, BURN Magazine "Shortlisted" an earlier essay version of this work, under another title, in its annual competition, the "Emerging Photographer Fund." As a written part or that earlier work, I provided these words:

I want to believe. I want you to believe. Something. Anything. Crave it. Authenticity. The real. Feeling. To me, this is what is most important. For the absence of the real is fiction. I point the camera outward–and inward–as I frame and re-frame my reality–and yours. Choices. A coming to an understanding. This is what my deconstruction feels like. Yes, deconstruction.

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